Tristan Gransart a.k.a. Selecta Killa was born on September 20th, 1987 in Brussels. From the childhood, the music was omnipresent in his family circle. Eclectic musical universe passing thru the classic to the funk, the variety to the soul without forgetting the initiation into the jazz which he receives from his grandfather. Teenager he discovers other sounds, his musical tastes become refined ; hiphop, new soul, reggae and dancehall will complete his universe. But it will be no doubt his godfather Eric, aka « Pacino » who will allow him to concretize his real passion for the music by offering him his first turntable.

At 16 years, every Friday evening, Tristan will play hiphop, reggae and new soul at the Kafé Krème and it for 2 years. At Seventeen, he releases his first compilation « Mash Up Di Ragga Dancehall Vol.1 ». Then he begins studies of sound engineer at SAE while continuing to perform in various clubs, sound systems, concerts and festivals. The second compilation “Mash Up Di Ragga Dancehall” will go out successfully in 2007. The opportunities are linked from then on and Selecta Killa will mix for numerous artists. In 2009, he will lead every week a radio show broadcasted in U.K. At that time, he met Ashaman Jahlawa.  They will realize together several compilations and will perform in numerous partys under the name of Hi Karma Sound. Tristan likes the sound, the music, and we can feel the effects in the exactness and the professionalism of its work. It is moreover his qualities which allowed him to seize the opportunities which already offered themselves to him. And so he will work as Dj and sound engineer for Jamaican artists such as Teflon, Kari Jess and Belgium artists Original Uman & the rapper Gandhi. Now Selecta Killa leads a radioshow called DANCEHALL STATION.  This one is diffused every Friday on BIG UP RADIO and every Saturday on RADIO KIF (Brussels). The success of the show pushed him to launch a new mixtape concept : every season, a DANCEHALL STATION mixtape with the best hits of the moment, hosted by a Dancehall artist (Million Stylez, Leftside, Gappy Ranks,…) and available for free download.

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